Using the rdbgui4sasa GUI

If you like clicking, you can invoke rdbgui4sasa instead of rdbg. This small GUI, which has the same set of options, simply calls rdbg via GTK buttons. A few things to know:

  • All buttons have tooltips that you can read by flying over with the mouse pointer long enough.
  • Some buttons have shortcuts that you can get via the [Alt] key: as long as [Alt] is pressed, all the buttons with shortcut have underlined letter. For example, the Step button has its p underlined; this means that [Alt+p] will trigger the Step button.
  • At each click, the corresponding raw rdbg command is displayed in a window.
  • You can still use the rdbg toplevel loop to interact with the simulation in the terminal you’ve launched rdbgui4sasa in. It can be useful to use commands that do not have buttons.

The main objective of this simple GUI is to allow users to run interactive sasa simulation without reading the documentation. But of course, for advanced usage, reading the doc will remain necessary.